Marriage wishes

If you ended up reading this article on marriage wishes, some of your friends, relatives or colleagues have probably decided to bond their lives (hopefully) forever. Although today more and more couple chose to live together without legal or church marriage, most girls and young woman still dream about one day walking down the aisle wearing a white dress, or receiving flowers and gracefully thanking for marriage wishes with a nod. There are also plenty of man who cannot imagine their future without marriage and family. Of course, for such dreams to turn into reality a couple of people who believe that weddings are not just unnecessary formality have to meet each other and fall in love. This might seem simple, but if you start thinking about it, you will realize what a small chance there is that two people who are actually made for each other will meet in the right place, at the right time.
Wedding could be regarded as a celebration of such a lucky coincidence. For the two people who decided to join their lives together, to share not only their bed but also dreams and future, this is certainly one of the most important days in a lifetime. Needless to say, the bride and groom want their dear friends and families to rejoice over their happiness along with them, wishing all the best. This is exactly why we bother ourselves trying to come up with sincere and original marriage wishes or turn to the internet looking for some help form aside. Below you will find a several examples of how you could congratulate a happy couple. Which of the marriage wishes you choose should depends on your relationship with the bride and groom: some of them might be more appropriate for a close friend, while the others suit for the wedding card addressed for your colleague. We hope that our suggestions will inspire you co tome up with a perfect marriage wish.
In life good intentions are always extremely important, however, to make marriage work you need something more. You need love which would help you to overlook each other’s annoying habits and small mistakes. When I see your faces while you are looking at each other, I know that you have what it takes. Congratulations, may your love grow with each day!
Today you are probably feeling closer than ever. May this feeling between you hold for decades to come, may your home be a shelter from the storms of life, may the calm smiles we are seeing today never disappear from your faces, may your love grow ever stronger as you grow older. Congratulations and best wishes from all of us!
Today, as you look at each other, you probably think that it is impossible to live the person any bit more. Well I wish that life would prove you wrong: I wish that after some 20 years, when you’ll sit in your cozy home going through the old photos and find the ones taken on your wedding day, you could sincerely say: “the feelings we shared back then were nothing compared with what we have now”.